The 6th International Conference, March 2-3, 2017, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

Registered Participants

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E. Young Scientists Research in Ecological & Environmental Chemistry


Nr. Title, Name Country City Abstract Title
1 Dr Alina-Maria Petrescu Romania Timisoara Correlations between Eco-Toxicity and Characteristics of Some Insecticides
2 Ms ANTOCI Ana Moldova Chisinau Determination Antioxidant Properties of Resveratrol from Grape Extracts
3 Mrs AVDEEVA Lidiya Russia Chernogolovka Growth of Cells Methylococcus capsulatus (М) Under Conditions of Excess and Deficiency of Copper in Growth Medium
4 Mr BABAYEV Elmir Azerbaijan Baku Heterogeneous Catalytic Disposal of Chlorobenzenes and Chlorotoluenes from Industrial Wastes
5 Ms BERESTEAN Elena Moldova Chisinau Pr(III)-Bi(III) Heterometallic Compounds with 1,2-Cyclohexanediamintetraacetate Ligand and Different Anions
6 Mr BLONSCHI Vladislav Moldova Chisinau Photochemical Transformations of Cysteine in Natural Waters
7 Ms BRAGA Doina Moldova Chisinau Acid rains and their impact to environment
8 Ms CALCEV Irina Moldova Chisinau Elaboration of an Antiacneic Lotion Based on Natural Bioactive Constituents
9 Ms CHERNYSHOVA Anastasia Russia Ivanovo Compliance with Processed Cheese Quality Parameters
10 Mrs COROI Constanţa Moldova Chişinău Green Tea Catechin Extraction and the Inhibition of Oil and Cosmetic Cream Oxidation
11 Ms CULIGHIN Elena Moldova Chisinau Study of Adsorption of organic pollutants on carbonaceus sorbents
12 Ms CUZAN Olesea Moldova Chishinau Synthesis and Characterisation of a New Palladium(II) Coordination Compound Starting from a Novel Phosphonate Ligand
13 Ms DAWSON Lauren United Kingdom Plymouth Impacts of Trial Calcium Carbonate Dosing for Ph Mitigation on Chemical and Ecological Quality of the West Dart River
14 Mrs ERHAN Tatiana Moldova Chişinău Synthesis, Structure and Antimicrobial Activity of Salicylaldehyde 4-(Dimethylphenyl)thiosemicarbazones and Biometal Coordination Compounds with these Ligands
15 Ms GINSARI Irina Moldova Chisinau Carbonaceous Adsorbents for Removal of Pollutants from water
16 Mr GONTA Alexandru Moldova Chisinau Chitosan-Based Bionanocomposites Functionalized With Polyphenol
17 Mr GROSU NIcolae Moldova Chisinau Determination of Chlorinated Pesticides in the River Prut.
18 Mrs GUTU Mariana Moldova Chisinau Solar Energy – Posibilities of Exploitation
19 Mr IURCOVSCHI Cosmin Tudor Romania Iasi Ecological Material and Technologies Used in Stoping the Xylophagic Attack on a XVIII-th Century Icon
20 Ms IVANOVA Anastasia Russia Ivanovo The Use of Vegetation to Indicate the Ecosystem Status of Springs
21 Ms LUCHIAN Elena Moldova Chisinau Obtaining and Utilization of the Capsaicin as an Active Principle in Preparation a Products with Heating Effect
22 Ms LUCHIAN Maria Moldova Chisinau Synthesis and Research of Antituberculosis Drugs with Prolonged Effect of Natural Polymers with Streptomycin
23 Mrs LUPUSOR Angela Moldova Chisinau Heavy Metals Pollution of River Bic
24 Ms MISCO Anastasia Moldova Chisinau The Influence of Tartaric Acid on Conformation And Stability of Human Serum Trasferrin
25 Mrs MOCANU Larisa Moldova Chisinau The Catalytic Oxidation of Bis-MPA
26 Ms MOROSANU Tatiana Moldova Chişinău Soil Problems in the Republic of Moldova
27 Ms MUȘTUC Marina Moldova Chișinău Formation of Nitrosamines in Living Organisms – Imminent Danger
28 Ms NACONECINAIA Natalia Moldova Chișinău The Use of Imidazole-Based Deep Eutectic Solvents in Biginelli Reaction
29 Mr NAMAZOV Anar Azerbaijan Baku The Production of the Multifunctional Additives for Diesel Fuels on the Basis of Vegetable Bioresources
30 Ms NEDEALCO Evghenia Moldova Chisinau Estimate Accumulation of Iron in the Upper Lake of Rose Valley Park of the Chisinau
31 Ms NICA-BARDIER Marina Moldova Chisinau Wastwater Treatment of Textile Dye Red Active in Presence of Auxiliary Agents
32 Ms OBOROC Veronica Moldova Chisinau Obtaining Technology of the Rheumatoid Arthritis Ointment
33 Mrs PETROV Natalia Moldova Chisinau Study of the Antioxidant Properties of the Extracts from Secondary Forest Products by Chemiluminescence Method
34 Ms PLATONOVA Alexandra Moldova Chisinau The Study of Tomato Seeds as a Source of Natural Anticancer Compounds
35 Mr POPA Alexei Moldova Chisinau Biorational Products in the Grapes Protection in Organic and Conventional Viticulture
36 Ms PRUTEANU Elena Moldova Chisinau Terpene Ozonolysis in Green Solvents
37 Ms RОТARI Anastasia Moldova Chișinău Clean Technologies – a Guarantee for the Future of the Planet
38 Mrs RUSNAC Anna Moldova Chisinau Derivatives of 3-Methyl-5-(Methylsulfanyl)-4H-1,2,4-Triazol-4-Amine with Antimicrobial and Antioxadantives Properties
39 Ms SMIGON Crina Moldova Drochia Microwave Assisted Synthesis of Some New Tetranorlabdane Compounds and their Biological Activity
40 Mr STATI Dumitru Moldova Chisinau Design and Structural Characterization of Co(II) Aminoalcohol-supported Isobutyrate and its 1D Coordination Polymer
41 Mrs TERENTI Natalia Moldova Chisinau Crystal Structure of Neutral 2,3-pyridinedicarboxylate Cobalt(III) Complex
42 Mrs TIMOFTI Liudmila Moldova Chisinau Studies on Widening the Spectrum of Action of Antiacne Ointment.
43 Ms VARZARI Mihaela Moldova Chisinau Pharmaco Cosmetic Obtaining and Use of Triterpenoids Acyclic Squalene
44 Ms VIRLAN Valeriana Moldova Chisinau The Elaboration of Inhibition Methods in the Formation Processes of N-Nitrosoamines in the Meat Products.
45 Ms VLAS Elena Moldova Chisinau Wastewater Treatment Technologies of Textile Dyes in the Presence of Auxiliary Agents
46 Ms YUAN Bin China Guangzhou Synthesis of Aliphatic Symmetric Diphosphonium Salts and Bactericidal Performance of Select Products
47 Mr ZARSKI Arkadiusz Poland Czestochowa Ecofriendly Method for Production of Biodegradable Hydrophobic Starch Films