The 6th International Conference, March 2-3, 2017, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

Registered Participants

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C. Green Chemistry


Nr. Title, Name Country City Abstract Title
1 Dr ARICU Aculina Moldova Chisinau Synthesis and Applications of Tetranorlabdane Compounds with Heterocyclic Units
2 Mr BABAYEV Elbay Azerbaijan Baku The Impact of the Environment on Destructive Conversion of Oil, Polluting the Soil of Absheron Peninsula
3 Prof BAHADIR Müfit Germany Braunschweig Mercury and Dichromate Free Determination of Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)
4 Mr BILAN Dmitri Moldova Chisinau Methyl 6′-Amino-5′-Cyano-2-oxo-3’H-Spiro[Indoline-3,4′-Pyrano[2,3-c]Pyrazole]-3′-Carboxylate
5 Mr BODNARESCU Florin România Timisoara Ethanolammonium Salts of Substituted Benzoic Acids as Alternative Plant Growth Regulators
6 Dr BOGDEVICH Oleg Moldova Chisinau Inventory of Industrial Pollution Sources of Toxic Substances in the Republic of Moldova
7 Dr BOGDEVICH Oleg Moldova Chisinau Study of POPs Contaminated Site for Environmental Risk Assessment and Remediation in Moldova
8 Mr BOLD Victor Moldova Chisinau Non-Interpenetrating 3D Cationic Metal-Organic Framework with Rare (3,4)-Connected Topology Based on Cu(I) and Cyclic Triimidazole Ligand
9 Dr BULHAC Ion Moldova Chisinau The Effect of Some Coordination Compounds on Physiological Processes of Plants Under the Environmental Stress
10 Prof CIESIELSKI Wojciech Poland Czestochowa Physico-Chemical Look on Few Chemical Systems „Good” for Natural Environment
11 Dr CIOCIRLAN Alexandru Moldova Chisinau Chemical Composition of the Essential oil from Satureja subspicata L. growing in Moldova
12 Dr COCU Maria Moldova Chishinau Synthesis and Crystal Structure of New Organic Ligand Based on S-Methylisolthiosemicarbazide
13 Mr CODREANU Sergiu Moldova Chisinau Preparation, Structural Characterization and Biologic Activity of Zn(II) and Cd(II) Mononuclear Complexes with Pyridine-2-aldoxime and 1,2-Cyclohexanedionedioxime Ligands
14 Ms CORCIOVA Andreia Romania Iasi Biosynthesis of Silver Nanoparticles Using Linden Flowers Extracts and Evaluation of their Antimicrobial Activities
15 Dr COVALIOV Victor Moldova Chisinau Modified Process and Bioreactor for Cyanocobalamine (Vitamin В12) and Biomethan Production
16 Dr COVALIOV Victor Moldova Chisinau Conditioning and Utilization of СО2 from Fermentation Industries for the Cultivation of Microalgae
17 Dr COVALIOVA Olga Moldova Chisinau Closed-Cycle Intensified Technology for Sustainable Biochemical Production of Alternative Fuels from Agricultural Wastes
18 Mr CRAIA-JOLDES Victor-Daniel Romania Timisoara Calcium Doped Y-114 Layered Cobalt Perovskite, a New Electrocatalytic Material for Ethanol Oxidation in Alkaline Media
19 Prof CRETESCU Igor Romania Iasi Shielding Composite Materials for Computer Electromagnetic Radiation and Risk Assessment
20 Prof DOLIDZE Avtandyl Georgia Tbilisi Reducing the Negative Impact of Multicomponent Contamination by the Activation of Soil Self Purification Processes
21 Dr DRAGANCEA Diana Moldova Chisinau Synthesis of Vanadium(V) Complexes and Their Use for Oxidation of Cyclohexane
22 Dr DRUTA Vadim Moldova Chisinau Synthesis and Study of a New Zn(II) MOF
23 Dr DRUTA Vadim Moldova Chisinau Metal−Organic Frameworks from 1,2,4,5-Tetracarboxylic Acid and Imidazole-Based Spacer
24 Mrs DUCA Delia-Andrada Romania Timisoara Reuse of Expired Cefort Drug in Nickel Electrodeposition from Watts Bath
25 Dr EBRALIDZE Ketevan Georgia Tbilisi Sequential Supercritical Fluid Extractions of Bioactive Compounds from Tangerine and Orange peel
26 Prof EFENDI Arif Azerbaijan Baku Ecologically Clean Fuels on the Basis of Methanol
27 Mrs ENACHE Andreea-Floriana Romania Timisoara Sulphite Anodic Oxidation in Alkaline Media on Smooth Nickel Based 6 Layers Platinum Nanoparticles Electrode
28 Prof FARZALIYEV Vagif Azerbaijan Baku Phytoremediation of Oil and Heavy Metal Contaminated Soils of Apsheron Peninsula
29 Dr FIFERE Adrian Romania Iasi Magnetic Nanoparticles Loaded with Natural Antioxidants for Biomedical Applications
30 Mrs FULGA Ala Moldova Chisinau Capitalization of the Lavender Wastes in Solving Tasks of Ursolic Acid Chemistry
31 Prof GARABADZHIU Alexander Russia Saint-Petersburg Technology of Biofuel Production from Alternative Renewable Raw Materials Sources
32 Ms GÎRBU Vladilena Moldova Chisinau Terpene Ozonolysis in Green Solvents
33 Dr Gümüş Mustafa Kemal Turkey Artvin Green Synthesis of Some Novel Bioactive Benzimidazole Derivatives
34 Dr GORINCHOY Natalia Moldova Chisinau Sunlight Induced Decay of Iprodion on Titanium Dioxide Surfase LC-MS Chromatography and DFT Evidence
35 Mrs GORINCIOI Elena Moldova Chisinau Thermoanalytical Characterisation of Some Bimetallic and Polymeric Zn and Cd Complexes as Potential Materials for Applications in Catalysis
36 Dr GRINCO Marina Moldova Chisinau Lignin Ozonolysis in Deep Eutectic Solvents
37 Mr HAJIYEV Shahin Azerbaijan Baku Influence of Benzene Rings Number to the Distribution of 16EPA PAH at the Degradation of Petroleum in Soil
38 Dr HOVHANNISYAN Hasmik Armenia Yerevan The Dynamics of Changes in Chlorine Concentrations in Tree Leaves in Yerevan
39 Mr HRECHANYK Ivan Ukraine Kyiv Determination of Organic Substances and Metals from Municipal Solid Waste Inceneration Bottom Ash
40 Mr HRIACHKOV Vladislav Andreevich Russia Krasnoarmeysk Investigation of the Possibility of Bacteria to Desulfovibrio Desulfuricans Cleaner Technologies Wastewater Treatments Production Nitrocellulose
41 Prof IMANOV Farda Azerbaijan Baku Green Technologies in the Treatment of Water and Liquid Foodstuffs
42 Dr IORDACHE Ioan Romania Rm. Valcea The Hydrogen from Chemistry to Green Energy, Aspects from Romania
43 Mr IVANCIC Albert Moldova Chisinau β-Cyclodextrin as Eco-Friendly Soil Remediation Agent
44 Prof KARTEL Mykola Ukraine Kiev Obtaining of Lignocellulose Biosorbents Modified with Inorganic Nanoclusters
45 Mr KULAWIK Damian Poland Czestochowa Hybrid Materials for Hydrogen Storage Systems Based on Carbon Nanotubes and New Super-light Lithium Alloys
46 Dr KULCITKI Veaceslav Moldova Chisinau Ozonolysis of Alkenes: Transformations Far Beyond C=C Cleavage
47 Dr LAZARESCU Ana Moldova Chisinau Synthesis and Structure of Copper(II) Complex with New N,N’-bis(2-Hydroxy(3-Carboxynaphthylidene)Propane-1,3-Diamine Ligand
48 Dr LAZARESCU Ana Moldova Chisinau Crystal Structure of Neutral 2,3-pyridinedicarboxylate Cobalt(III) Complex
49 Dr LEMPERT David Russia Chernogolovka Possibilities of application of solid energetic compositions to improve the level of environmental safety associated with the use of liquid-fueled space launch vehicles
50 Mrs LUNGU Lidia Moldova Chisinau Synthesis of New Biologically Active Polyfunctional Terpenoids Based on Industrial Wastes
51 Prof LUPASCU Tudor Moldova Chisinau New Compounds for the Environmental Protection and for the Human Health Obtained from the Wine Secondary Products
52 Prof MACAEV Fliur Moldova Chisinau Ionic liquids based materials for green chemistry protocols
53 Prof MANGALAGIU Ionel Romania Iasi Azaheterocycles: Chemistry and Applications
54 Dr MANILOV Anton Ukraine Kyiv Reactant-Governed Hydrogen Accumulation as Intermediate between Conventional Hydrogen Reservoirs and Fuel Processors
55 Mr MUKLIVE Ahmed Romania Bucharest Evaluation of KRAS Biomarkers using Graphite and Graphene Based Amperometric Sensors
56 Mr MUKLIVE Ahmed Romania Bucharest Evaluation of P53 Tumor Suppressor Gene using Graphite Based Amperometric Sensors
57 Dr MUNTYAN Elena Moldova Chisinau The Semiochemicals for Biorational Greenhouse Pest Management
58 Dr NASTAS Raisa Moldova Chisinau Metal Oxide Catalysts for Water Purification
59 Dr NASTAS Raisa Moldova Chisinau Active Carbons Obtained from Grape Seeds
60 Dr NERSISYAN Gayane Armenia Yerevan The Dynamics of Changes in Chlorine Concentrations in Tree Leaves in Yerevan
61 Mr OSIPOV Ivan Moldova Chisinau Acceleration of Some DicarboximideI Groupe Fungicide Decay by Titanium DioxideI Additive: Experimental Evidence and Quantum-Chemical Background of Common Mechanism
62 Dr POSTOLACHI Larisa Moldova Chisinau Improvement of filtration properties of Ghidirim Diatomite (Republic of Moldova)
63 Dr POTLOG Tamara Moldova Chisinau Effects of Post-Deposited Treatment on (Cu, Zn) Phthalocyanine/Perylene Composite Light-Harvesting Layers
64 Dr ROSCA Irina Romania Iasi Natural Exopolysaccharides as Ecological Excipients in Drug Delivery
65 Prof RUSU Vasile Moldova Chisinau Surface Properties of Bentonite Largutza Pillared with Aluminum Oligomers
66 Mrs SECARA Elena Moldova Chisinau Synthesis Of N-(Iso-drimenoylamino)carbazole From Norambreinolide
67 Mr SERAFIN Jarosław Poland Szczecin Preparation of Activated Carbons from Fern Leaves for CO2 Adsorption
68 Dr SHARAGOV Vasilii Moldova Balti Ways of Reducing Toxicity of the Dealkalization Process of the Surface Layers of Industrial Glassware by Acid Gases
69 Ms SORESCU Ana-Alexandra Romania Targoviste Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles from Elderflower Aqueous Extract: a Green Approach
70 Dr SPATARU Petru Moldova Chisinau Investigating the Co-Cl Bond Cleavage in Polychloride Pesticides
71 Dr SUMENCOVA Victoria Moldova Chisinau Evaluation of Synthetic Semiochemical Methyl Salicylate for Improved Conservation Biological Control of Pests in a Peach Orchard
72 Prof TERTYKH Valentin Ukraine Kyiv Adsorbents Based on Composites of Silica with Amino- and Sulfo Containing Polysaccharides
73 Dr TIMBALIUC Nina Moldova Chisinau The Optimization of the Obtaining Conditions of the Extract from Forestry Wastes
74 Prof TSITSISHVILI Vladimer Georgia Tbilisi Ion Exchange Properties of Georgian Natural Zeolites
75 Prof VELIKSAR Sofia Moldova Chishinau Enhancement of Copper Resistance of Vitis vinifera L. cv. Victoria Seedlings by the Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria and Trace Elements
76 Mrs VITIU Aliona Moldova Chisinau Competition between Dicarboxylic and Bipyridine Ligands at Cu(II) and Zn(II) Coordination
77 Mrs VITIU Aliona Moldova Chisinau Design, Synthesis and Structure of Three Mixed-Ligand Zn(II)/Cd(II) Coordination Polymers
78 Mrs VODA Irina Moldova Chisinau Synthesis fnd Investigation of Three Coordination Polymers Based on Some 3d Metals, Two Polycarboxylic Acids and 4,4′- bis((1H-imidazol-1-yl)methyl)-1,1′-biphenyl
79 Dr ZACCHINI Massimo Italy Monterotondo Growth, Physiological and Biochemical Responses in Copper-Treated Poplar Plants to be Exploited for the Phytoremediation Bio-Technology
80 Dr ZINICOVSCAIA Inga Russia Dubna Silver Biosorption by Spirulina Platensis Biomass
81 Mrs ŻARSKA Sandra Poland Częstochowa Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes as New Potential Green Electrodes