The 6th International Conference, March 2-3, 2017, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

Registered Participants

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B. Environmental Chemistry and Engineering


Nr. Title, Name Country City Abstract Title
1 Prof AGABEKOV Vladimir Belarus Minsk Microfiltration Ceramic Membranes Based on Natural Silicon Dioxide
2 Mr AGAPI Ion Moldova Chisinău Consideration on the Role of Ecological Chemistry and Biochemistry in Protection and Conservation of Forest Plants
3 Mr AKHUNDOV Ramil Azerbaijan Baku Radiation-Thermal Activation of Coal for Water Purification
4 Dr ALDOSHIN Sergey Russia Chernogolovka Power Generation From Low-Grade Fuels And Wastes Processing Using Filtration Combustion
5 Dr AYVAZYAN Gagik Armenia Yerevan Acoustic Sounding of Atmosphere by Hail-Suppression System
6 Prof BEREZIN Nikolai Russia Kazan Optimization of Water Consumption in Galvanic Industry
7 Dr BERSIROVA Oksana Ukraine Kiev The Process of the Radioactive Elements Extraction from Wastewater by Low-temperature Plasma Electrolysis
8 Prof BILDYUKEVICH Alexandr Belarus Minsk Structural and Chemical Modification of the Industrial Polymers
9 Dr BOGDEVICH Oleg Moldova Chisinau Remediation of POPs polluted sites in Republic of Moldova
10 Prof BOINCEAN Boris Moldova Balti Crop Nutrition in Sustainable Agriculture
11 Prof BUSZEWSKI Boguslaw Poland Torun Quo Vadis Separation Sciences ? New Solutions and Challenges in Environment Monitoring
12 Prof CIOBANU Gabriela Romania Iasi Removal of Nystatin from Aqueous Solution by Adsorption onto Nanohydroxyapatite
13 Prof CIOBANU Mihai Moldova Chisinau Adsorption of Sr2+ Ions from Water Solutions on Active Carbon CAN-7 in Dynamic Conditions
14 Dr COJOCARU Corneliu România Iasi Polymeric Fibrous Nonwovens as Sorbent Materials for Oil Spill Cleanup
15 Dr COVALIOVA Olga Moldova Chisinau Modification of Nanotubular TiO2 Surface for Photo-Catalytical Applications
16 Dr DATSKO Tatiana Moldova Chisinau Evaluation of an Adsorbent on the Base of Diatomite to Reduce the Risk of Eutrophication.
17 Mr DEACONU Marian Romania Bucuresti Adsorbtive Removal of Dyes and Sulphonated Pigments From Leather Industry Wastewaters
18 Mr DEACONU Marian Romania Bucuresti The Application of Aliquat 336 as Carrier in Processes for Wastewater Treatment Containing Heavy Metals
19 Prof DERMENTZIS Konstantinos Greece Kavala Treatment of Chromium Electroplating Effluents by Chemical and Electrochemical Coagulation Process
20 Prof EFREMOV Sergei Kazakhstan Almaty Detoxification of Soil Contaminated with Components of Liquid Rocket Fuel by Sorbent Based on Concentrate of Shungite
21 Mr GARCIA Miguel USA Riverside, California Environmental Persistence, Fate, and Transport of Monochloramine in Surface Waters Receiving Treated Wastewater.
22 Prof GERU Ion Moldova Chisinau Molecular Structure and Properties of Water, and Environment Problems
23 Prof GONTA Maria Moldova Chisinau Comparative Study Of Electrofloatation, Coagulation, And Electroflotocoagulation Methods Of Plasticizers (DMPA) In The Presence Of Textile Dyes
24 Mrs GOREACIOC Tatiana Moldova Chisinau Removal of Nitrite Ions from Natural Water by Using AG-5
25 Prof GRIGORYEVA Irina Russia Kazan Nickel Cementation From Ammoniacal Solution By Suspended Aluminum Particles
26 Dr GULIYEVA Nigar Azerbaijan Baku Сontent and Charachteristics of Waste of Oil Transportation by Pipelines
27 Prof HAJIYEV Asaf Azerbaijan Baku Statistical Data Analysis in Environmental Problems
28 Mr HASANOV Sadig Azerbaijan Baku Estimation and Modelling the GHG Emissions from Transport Sector of Azerbaijan
29 Dr HASANOV Qahraman Azerbaijan Baku On Remediation of Ecology on Teritories Contaminated with Phenol
30 Mr HUSEYNOV Gorkhmaz Azerbaijan Baku Green Technologies In The Treatment Of Water And Liquid Foodstuffs
31 Dr IGNAT Maria Romania Iasi Study of rare earth – doped ferrites nanoparticles modified with chitosan shell and their sorptive properties for heavy metal ions
32 Dr IONITA Gheorghe Romania Rm. Valcea Aspects Concerning Preparation of Suitable Catalyst for Heavy Water Detritiation
33 Dr IORDACHE Mihaela Romania Rm. Valcea The sonochemical processes for wastewater treatment, pioneer works in Romania
34 Dr ISAC-GUTUL Tatiana Moldova Chisinau Kinetic Regularities and the Mechanisms of the Oxidation of Some Reactive Dyes in Photo-Fenton System
35 Dr IVANETS Andrei Belarus Minsk Study of Sorption Behaviour of Sr(II) Ions onto Manganese Oxides with Layered and Tunnel Structures
36 Dr IVANETS Andrei Belarus Minsk Kinetic and Thermodynamic Studies of the Co(II) and Ni(II) Ions Removal from Aqueous Solutions by Ca-Mg Phosphate Sorbents
37 Dr IVANETS Andrei Belarus Minsk Non-acidic Synthesis of Phosphatized Dolomite and its Sorption Behaviour towards Pb2+, Zn2+, Cu2+, Cd2+, Ni2+, Sr2+ and Co2+ Ions in Multicomponent Aqueous Solution
38 Dr KARPINCHIK Evgenii Belarus Minsk Multi-use Fibrous Sorbent for Elimination of Emergency Spills of Oil and Oil-Products
39 Mrs KHAYRULLINA Leniza Russia Kazan Electrochemical Synthesis of Nanodispersed Mixed Oxide Systems Based on Alumina
40 Dr Korrapati Narasimhulu India Warangal Morphological and Elemental Analysis of the Effluent of Lead Acid Battery manufacturing
41 Prof KUBLANOVSKY Valeriy Ukraine Kiev Cleaning of Waters of Different Origin from Nonionogenic Organic Surfactants by Low-temperature Plasma Electrolysis
42 Dr LEAH Tamara Moldova Chisinau Distribution and Forms of Some Trace Elements in Delluvial Typical Soils from Republic of Moldova
43 Prof LUPASCU Tudor Moldova Chisinau Innovative Processes of Treating of the Underground Waters in Drinking Purposes
44 Dr MAFTULEAC Alexei Moldova Chisinau Centrifugation – an Effective Method for Intensifying Adsorption Process in Water Treatment
45 Dr MANUCHAROVA Lorietta Armenia Yerevan Anchored Dioxo-Mo-complex as Photocatalyst in Oxidation of Halogen Derivatives of Aromatic Hydrocarbons
46 Dr MEREUTA Aliona Moldova Chisinau The Manegement of Solid Wastes
47 Prof MEZHEVICH Jeanne Russia Kazan Role of Complex Formation and Pulse Current in Processes of Electrochemical Doping of Galvanic Coatings
48 Dr MIHAI Marcela Romania Iasi Ion Exchanger/CaCO3 Composites as Sorbents for Ionic Molecules
49 Ms MITINA Tatiana Moldova Chisinau Studying of the Composition of the Scum of Electric Power Stations.
50 Ms MITINA Tatiana Moldova Chisinau Indirect Atomic Absorption Determination of Chloride Ion in Colored Water.
51 Prof MUKHIN Victor M. Russia Elektrostal The Future Role of Active Carbons
52 Dr MUNTEAN Simona Gabriela Romania Timisoara Magnetic Nanoparticles as Specific Sorbents for the Removal of Dyes From Aqueous Solutions
53 Prof MUSTAFAYEV Islam Azerbaijan Baku Transformation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons at the Degradation of Oil
54 Dr MUTHUCHAMY Muthukumar India Kasaragod Effective degradation of Pharmaceutical compound in acidic medium by Anodic oxidation using graphite and RuO2/IrO2/IrO2 coated titanium anode
55 Dr NEDEALCOV Maria Moldova Chisinau Dry Periods Impact on the Surface Water Quality
56 Mrs NISTOR Maria Andreea Romania Timisoara Magnetite/Carbon Nanocomposites as Specific Sorbent for Wastewaters Treatment
57 Prof NORMATOV Inom Tajikistan Dushanbe Ecological aspects of the impact of the industrial objects on the water of the Transboundary Rivers of the Central Asia
58 Prof POPA Maria Romania Alba Iulia Ammonium Removal From Wastewaters Using Natural Zeolite From Rupea (Romania)
59 Prof POVAR Igor Moldova Chisinau Long Term Assessment of the Heavy Metals Content in Acidic Soils
60 Prof POVAR Igor Moldova Chisinau Assessing Long-Term Response of Seawater to External Perturbations such fs Atmospheric Greenhouse Gas and Contaminants
61 Ms RACOVITA Silvia Moldova Chisinau Determination of anionic and cationic surfactants in some rivers from Republic of Moldova and Romania
62 Dr ROIK Nadiia Ukraine Kyiv Mesoporous Silicas with Covalently Immobilized Cyclodextrin Moieties for Methyl Red Removal
63 Mrs ROMANCIUC Inna Ukraine Kyiv Application of Satellite Data for Investigation of Micro Depressions of Relief – Source of the Groundwater Pollution by Mineral Fertilizers
64 Prof SCHIMMEL Thomas Germany Karlsruhe The Salvinia Effect: Perspectives for Novel Bionic Chip Coatings.
65 Dr SHTAMM Elena Russia Moscow Features of Transformation of Reduced Sulfur in Aqueous Medium with Oxygen, Hydrogen Peroxide and Metal Ions of Variable Valence
66 Dr SHVYDKYI Viacheslav Russia Moscow Features of Transformation of Reduced Sulfur in Aqueous Medium with Oxygen, Hydrogen Peroxide and Metal Ions of Variable Valence
67 Dr SIRCU Raisa Moldova Chisinau Human Exposure Assessment of the Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons through the Food Consumption
68 Dr STRATULAT Tatiana Moldova Chisinau Estimating of Impact on People’s Health of Air Pollution Emissions from Transport in Urban Area in Moldova
69 Prof SULEYMANOV Gulmammad Azerbaijan Baku Synthesis of New Ferrocenes and Cymantrene of Carbinol Derivatives and their Antismoke Effectiveness for Diesel Fuels
70 Dr TATISHVILI Grigor Georgia Tbilisi Low-Temperature Fuel Cell for Purification of Waters from Hydrogen Sulfide
71 Dr TUTOVAN Elena Moldova Chisinau Kinetics of Some Fluoroquinolones Oxidation by Permanganate Ions in Basic Medium
72 Dr TĂNĂSELIA Claudiu Romania Cluj-Napoca Improving Surface Water Quality Assessment Methods By Semiquantitative And Multielemental Spectrometric Methods
73 Dr VELEA Sanda Romania Bucharest Biogas Upgrading Using An Integrated Closed System
74 Dr VELIȘCO Natalia Moldova Chisinau Improving Surface Water Quality Assessment Methods By Semiquantitative And Multielemental Spectrometric Methods
75 Dr VICHUTINSKAYA Elena Russia Moscow Features of Transformation of Reduced Sulfur in Aqueous Medium with Oxygen, Hydrogen Peroxide and Metal Ions of Variable Valence
76 Mr YARULLIN Aynur Russia Kazan Application of Nickel-Boride Coatings in Modern Technology
77 Ms ZAVTONI Mariana Moldova Chisinau The Risk that it Presents Pesticides on Health State
78 Ms ZAVTONI Mariana Moldova Chisinau Specific Environmental Problems that Endanger Human Health
79 Dr ZAYTSEVA Natalia Russia Moscow Features of Transformation of Reduced Sulfur in Aqueous Medium with Oxygen, Hydrogen Peroxide and Metal Ions of Variable Valence
80 Dr ZELENTOV Veacheslav Moldova Chisinau Evaluation of an Adsorbent on the Base of Diatomite to Reduce the Risk of Eutrophication
81 Mr ZHELOVITSKAYA Alla Russia Kazan Сoaxal Electrochemical Reactor for Destruction of Organic Compounds
82 Mr ŠEREŠ Michal Czech Republic Stehelčeves Removal Efficiencies of a Hybrid Constructed Wetland Treating Agricultural Wastewaters under the Different Loading Strategies